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Why Join AGA Rent A Car?

We are the first 100% Mexican company that has developed cutting edge technology to operate the entire car rental system, as well as the connection to GDS (Globalizers) for reservations so that different travel agencies worldwide can know our rates in real time, see the availability of our cars and reserve online

In additional, we are the only car rental company worldwide that has developed a travel guide App (iOS and Android), For smartphones and tablets, where we offer visitors everything the city offers: Discover, Things to do, Transportation, Hotels, Restaurants, Augmented Reality Engine, Events, Real Estate, Offers, Historical or Magic Towns, Tips and Car rental. Where you can make reservations without commission charges in more than 71 cities across America and Spain, and we continue to add more cities.

As well as a Tripper Travel Guide site with detailed information on each city, where you can make online reservations for AGA Rent a Car (without charge).