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Mazatlan, Sinaloa

A generous land, packed with natural attractions, culture and exquisite gastronomy, birthplace of the immortal Pedro Infante and the “banda sinaloense” music and owner of one of the most important carnivals in the world, Mazatlan is one of the most popular beach tourist destinations in Mexico. Its name comes from the nahuatl language and means Land Next to the Deer or Place Where the Deer Abound.

Its semi-humid weather with an annual average temperature of 78 °F appeal its visitors since they can make Mazatlan their vacation, honeymoon destination or weekend getaway at any moment of the year. Nevertheless, during the carnival (between February and March of every year) the amount of visitors increases significantly. Other events like the Mazatlan’s International Motorcycle Week, golf, fishing and surfing tournaments and different events celebrated at the Angela Peralta Theatre are also perfect occasions to visit the stunning Pearl of the Pacific.



Mazatlan is located 121 km from the tropic of cancer, in the south side of the state of Sinaloa. It borders on the north with the municipality of San Ignacio and the state of Durango, on the south with the municipality of Rosario and the Pacific Ocean and on the west with Concordia. Its height above the sea level is 1.2 meters and is the ninth largest municipality of Sinaloa.

Cultural Attractions of Mazatlan

  • Gastronomy. Based mainly on the varied fresh seafood, the Mazatlan gastronomy includes the traditional and tasty ceviches, cocktails, Fish Zarandeado and aguachile. Even when tasting any of these delights is a must, Mazatlan also has a good range of restaurants that serve from regional dishes to high-end cuisine, Japanese, vegetarian food and all kind of specialties.
  • Angela Peralta Theater. Previously called Rubio Theater, the Angela Peralta Theater in Mazatlan was declared Historical Heritage of the Nation in 1990. Its impressive architecture deteriorated with the passing of time, nevertheless, in the decade of the 90’s was deeply restored; it has 841 seats and state of the art technology.
  • Mazatlan Cathedral. It’s the main religious precinct in Mazatlan, situated in the Historic Centre. Its construction began in 1855 and ended in 1990 and its interesting eclectic style blends neogothic and neoclassical accents.

Attractions in Mazatlan

  • Mazatlán’s Boardwalk/Malecon. Pride of the city for its length, approximately 7 km, the Mazatlán’s boardwalk is the world’s second largest and is divided into two sections. By day is the perfect setting for long walks with amazing panoramic view while at night lights up with the luminous nightlife.
  • Golden Zone. The Mazatlán’s Golden Zone sprawls out through the Camaron Sabalo Avenue and its variety of resorts, restaurants, bars, exciting nightclubs and all kind of stores have made it the favorite spot in the city. Plus, some of the most visited beaches of Mazatlan are in the Golden Zone, including Camaron and Gaviotas Beach.
  • Mazatlan Aquarium. Inaugurated in September 13th 1980 with the goal of being one of the best ones in Latin America. It’s divided in two areas: The Aquarium and the Botanic Garden and together theypromote the respect for the marine eco system and the regional and world botanic species.
  • Machado Plaza. It’s one of the oldest plazas in Mazatlan, built in 1837 on a land donated by Juan Nepomuceno Machado. Nowadays is considered the heart of the Historic Centre, a place where people gather to have fun, enjoy a good cup of coffee and see some of the local shows featured there.

Mazatlan Beaches

  • Venados Island. Also called the middle island, it’s situated 2.3 km from the coast. It’s one of the favorite Mazatlan beaches to practice snorkeling, kayaking and swimming or just to relax with the paradisiac landscape.
  • Stone Island. Its beach possesses soft and quiet waves to enjoy a fun time, whether on a catamaran, a horse or practicing water activities. In Stone Island there are restaurants, bars and palapas with everything you need to spend an incredible day.
  • Olas Altas Beach. Situated next to the boardwalk, in an area known as “Old Mazatlan”, Olas Altas was the first tourist beach of the destination. Because of the level of the waves is a favorite of surfers and one of the most popular spots to enjoy an unmatched sunset from a coffee shop or a restaurant.
  • Sabalo Beach. It’s located in the traditional Mazatlan’s Golden Zone. Whether you’re a sports fishing and water sports lover or you want to have fun in a quiet and relaxed way, Sabalo Beach in Mazatlan is what you need.
  • Cerritos Beach. Located in the north side of the city, Cerritos Beach is a semi-virgin treasure to be discovered. It is less visited by local and tourists, so it promises a quiet and easy time.