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General Requirements:
• Degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related
• Age. 25 to 45
• English Proficiency 80%
• Sex: Indistinct
• Marital Status: Indistinct

• Sale and Commercial Attitude.
• Administration and Management of Special Projects.
• Advertising Development in Different Medias.
• Finding and Organizing Events to Promote the Image and Product of the Company.
• Management and Interpretation of Information and Statistics.
• Planning and Project Development.
• Management Internal and External Communication.

• Market Development
• Agreements with Travel Agencies
• Marketing
• Sales Strategies
• Sales Budget
• Sales Personnel Management
• Globalizer Management
• Travel Agencies Portfolio in Mexico, USA and Canada
• Affiliation of Car Rental Companies to our Brand at National and International Level.

Sales Manager

Age: 25 a 45 Maximum Years
Civil Status: Indistinct
Sex: Indistinct
Scholarship: Profesionista (Preferential Lic. Admón de Empresas)
Experience: Minimum 2 years in office.
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