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El Rosario

El Rosario is located on International Highway #15, in the southern part of the state of Sinaloa, 40 miles southeast of the port of Mazatlan.

El Rosario was built on a foundation of silver and gold on August 3, 1655. More than 70 kms of underground arteries were dug over a period of 290 years. That's why it is said there are more tunnels in El Rosario than above ground streets. With its viceroy government, Rosario is an authentic colonial city.

Mining activities ceased in 1945, leaving behind one of the most beautiful altarpieces in the world as proof of three centuries worth of riches. The antique church of "Mission of our Lady of Rosario" is one of a kind, with fine baroque styling and an impressive altarpiece covered in gold. It was consecrated in 1731 and finished around 1759. Later, due to the ground caving in over the mine tunnels, it was moved, stone by stone, by its faithful followers to the town square where it now rests. The splendid quarry facade and marvelous altar piece are still intact.

On the city's outskirts, one can enjoy many attractions. One of the attractions, the natural seaside and beaches of "Caimanero", as well as a lagoon of the same name, is considered the largest natural breeding ground for shrimp, which is exported to many countries. In the town of Chametla, you can admire the last vestiges of the Totorames people in the local museum.


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