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The municipality of Elota, with its principal city "La Cruz de Elota," is located 130 kms south of Culiacan and 130 kms north of Mazatlan. To reach Elota, take Federal Highway #15 and drive 90 kms by toll highway.

El Salto Reservoir, which is just 20 kms from La Cruz, is one of the most impressive dams in the northwest of Mexico. Professional and specialzied anglers from Angler's Inn provide excellent large mouth bass fishing services. The coastline of Elota boasts many beaches including Ceuta Beach, Tempehuaya Bay and Celestino Gasca. Ceuta Beach is 9 kms west of La Cruz and is the place that most locals visit because of the landscape and the great seafood provided by the many stands on the beach.


In 1979, a camp was set up at Ceuta Beach for the protection of the endangered marine turtle. Today, Ceuta is a preservation zone for migratory beach birds such as white herons, Canadian ducks and pichiguilas among others.


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