Places to Visit


Escuinapa is famous for its production of shrimp and mango, both of excellent export quality.

18 miles out toward the coast is Teacapan, a fishermen's Eden on an island enclave with access by land. It is known for cattle raising and is filled with thousands of palm trees as well as a wide variety of other fauna.

Here you will find deer, ocelot, boar and other wild animals. The variety and abundance of marine life is quite excellent. Snook, snapper, mackerel, curvina, mullet, sailfish and dolphins abound in these waters.


On the way from Escuinapa to Teacapan you will be captivated by the unparalleled scenery with a profusion of coconut palms and estuaries inhabited by birds, with access to pristine beaches such as La Tambora, Las Cabras and Los Angeles. Beyond the town, is La Boca de Teacapan. This is an entrance to the open sea between two strips of land that form a natural marina that meanders through mangrove swamps for more than 47 miles to the south. Visit Teacapan and get in touch with nature.


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