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The indigenous people who inhabited Mazatlán were called the Totorames. They lived by hunting deer and fishing.

In 1531, the Spaniard, Don Nuño de Guzmán, arrived with his army and brought a great variety of objects and foods in order to establish this place as conquered territory. The domination of the invaders provoked discontent among the indigenous people and this ended in a battle which the Spaniards won. The Spaniards considered this war to be a great triumph and they divided large parcels of land among themselves and became the first residents of Mazatlán.

The Customs Building

The first customs office was in Villa Unión, but in 1827, the Mazatlán Customs Office was opened across the street from a warehouse which contained import and export merchandise.


In the second half of the nineteenth century, open, wooden carts called Arañas were used for transportation. At first they were drawn by animals but later had motors. Today these vehicles have been replaced by "pulmonias".


The Lighthouse is located on a hill called Cerro del Crestón. It was constructed in 1879 by an engineer named Natividad González. The lights are 157 meters above sea level. The Lighthouse has a reach of 48 nautical miles and is thought to be world's tallest natural light house.


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Location of Mazatlan

Mazatlán is located in the southern part of the state of Sinaloa, which is located in the northwest of México. It is located at the confluence of two biogeographical areas: the Neartic and the Neotropical zones. This is 21 kilometers south of the imaginary line called the Tropic of Cancer.

Commuter routes

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Natural Attractions

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse has a height of 157 meters above sea level. Its maximum reach is 48 nautical miles. It is the highest functional, natural lighthouse in the world and has been in operation since the beginning of the 19th century.

The Three Islands

  • Isla de los Pájaros ( Bird Island)
  • Isla de Venados (Deer Island)
  • Isla de los Lobos (Wolf Island

These islands have been declared biosphere reserves and serve as a refuge for native and migratory birds.


  • Playa Olas Altas (High Waves Beach)
  • Playa Norte (North Beach)
  • Playa Gaviotas (Seagull Beach)
  • Playa Del Camarón (Shrimp Beach)
  • Playa De Cerritos (Little Hills Beach)
  • Playa De Brujas (Witch Beach)
  • Playa Del Delfín (Dolphin Beach)


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Cultural Attractions

Historic Center

One can enjoy an elegant 19th century environment among the grand structures built in the tropical neoclassical style that characterizes buildings from the last part of that century.

Cathedral Basilica

Construction of the cathedral began in 1856 and was finished in 1899. Construction was initially started by Bishop Pedro Loza y Pardavé and was later revived by Priest Miguel Lacarra. The exterior architecture of the cathedral is influenced by both the Gothic and Neoclassical style, but the decoration is completely Baroque.

Angela Peralta theatre

The Angela Peralta Theatre was originally constructed in 1869 and named The Rubio Theatre in honor of Mr. Manuel Rubio.

It was inaugurated February 14th, 1874 with the presentation of the plays "La Campana de Almudiana" and "La Casa de Campo" by the spanish company of Mr. Luke. It was reinaugurated February 6, 1881, when the seating capacity was increased to 1366 seats. In 1883, the opera diva, Angela Peralta, died in the hotel adjacent to the theater before she could even perform there. The theater was renamed in her honor shortly thereafter.

Art Museum

The art museum building was constructed in 1993 and was originally the "Casa de la Cultura".

In November 1998, it was converted to an art museum with three galleries: The Masterpieces Gallery, The Temporary Gallery Room and The Cafetería Gallery.



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There are three major golf courses in Mazatlán. They have several tournaments during the year as follows:

El Cid Country Club

Ave. Camarón Sábalo
s/n Fracc. El Cid
Phone (69)13-33-33 Ext. 3261

Number of holes: 27
Type of Greens: Bermuda
Length: 3216 yardas
Schedule: 6:30 - 19:00 Hrs.

Club Campestre

Bahía de Acapulco s/n
Col. Mazatlán II
Phone: (69) 80-15-70
Fax: (69) 80-15-70

Designer: Carlos Smith
Number of holes: 9
Length:3327 yardas.

Estrella del Mar

Kilómetro 10
Camino Isla de la Piedra
Phone: (69) 82-33-00
Fax: (69) 82-34-12

Designer: Robert Trend
Jones, Junior
Number of holes: 18
Length: 7003 yardas.
Schedule: 6:00 - 15:00 Hrs.



Mazatlán is considered one of the best places in México for bird hunting. Several different types of birds are found in this area.


You will find many different species of fish in the waters of Mazatlán including blue, striped and black marlin, Mahi Mahi, sailfish and swordfish.

  • 11 Sport Fishing Fleets
  • 52 Sport Fishing Boat

Hunting and Fishing Calendar

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Family Fun


The Mazatlán Aquarium is the best aquarium in all of northwest Mexico.

The aquarium also has an aviary that exhibits various types of birds that live in the northwest of the country like parrots, macaws, golden pheasants and toucans. The aviary was created in an environment similar to their natural habitat.



Mazagua is a water park with water toboggans, slides, toboggans on wheels, wading pools, pools with man-made waves, shaded rest areas and a souvenir shop, all of which make for a fun family outing.


City Park

The city park is a recreational center for the families of Mazatlán and the educational institutions use this area for field trips.

The park has a small train that rides through the woods, a playground and a skating rink for the children. It is located on Ave. Leonismo Internacional across from the University.

Aquatic Sports

One can enjoy various aquatic sports in Mazatlán including:

  • Banana Rides
  • Sail Boats
  • Kayaks
  • Jet Skis
  • Parachute Rides

Night Life

If you want to have some fun after sunset, we recommend taking Avenida del Mar along the coast to the south until you reach the Historical Downtown area. Here you will find outdoor shows where you can enjoy dinner with romantic music or take a walk along Paseo Olas Altas and enjoy the sound of the ocean.

If you want to dance and sing, go to the northern part of the city called the Zona Dorado and enjoy discos, bars and terraces with great music whether you are into bohemian, disco, tropical or the band atmosphere. You can sing along in any of these great places that offer live music.


With over 100 years of tradition, the Mazatlán Carnaval is considered the third largest carnaval in the world.

Carnaval events include: The Coronation of the Queen of the Floral Games, Carnaval Queen and King of Cheer. There is a literature and poetry prize, naval combat, a parade of allegorical floats and a food fair.


The Pacific Marathon takes place during the first week of December.

Distance: 42.195 Km.
Branches: Men and Women.

Categories: Free, Master, Senior, Senior Plus, Wheelchair and Crutches

To the person who breaks the Mexican record, 100,000 USD
To the person who breaks the world record, 1,000,000 USD.



Mazatlan Cyclist Race

With a 36 year history, this race is a national competition in which more than 300 cyclists (4 different levels) from around the country participate.

The total prize money is 250,000.00 pesos
This year’s race has already been scheduled for May 24-28, 2005.

Cultural Festival of Mazatlán

Photo exhibits, opera, plays, ballet, piano recitals, rock concerts and symphonies.

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